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Forest City, the first look the most promising start business activities

Date: 2013-07-27

"The winners meet credit criteria, Guilin bank credit loans to its maximum amount of up to 30 million yuan." This morning, by the Chamber of Commerce of Guilin, Guilin Entrepreneurs Association, Daily Guilin, Guilin Bank jointly organized the "GuilinCity, the first to identify the most development potential of enterprises, "a series of activities launched.The news for those innovative, high-growth, high-tech private enterprise but lack of funds is undoubtedly great news.

Municipal Committee, United Front Work Department Yezhao Quan attended the launching ceremony and announced the first to identify the most potential for development of Guilin business activity starts.Vice Mayor Xu Feng speech at the launching ceremony of the event hope to make three points: First, we must mobilize the full publicity, so that more enterprises to participate; Second, we must carefully organized, solid progress; Third, toactivities really allow enterprises to obtain affordable, especially small and micro enterprises should be given for outstanding credit support aspects of exploration, and support long-term mechanism.

By complex domestic and international economic situation, the current private enterprises, especially small and micro enterprises operating pressure, rising costs, financing difficulties and other issues are still outstanding, seriously hampered the further development of enterprises.This time, the theme is the "tree example, promoting innovation, and development."Purpose is to build a government, financial enterprises, private enterprises interactive platform to promote high-quality business and financial enterprises seamlessly, helping to support small, medium and micro enterprises bigger and stronger.Through extensive publicity, to arouse public SMMEs new understanding, the whole society to create a strong atmosphere of entrepreneurship and innovation.

According to the City of Industry and Information Commission statistics, as of the end of 2012, Guilin from 20 million to 200 million yuan has 380 enterprises, 200 million to 500 million yuan enterprises have 149.In recent years, the rapid development of private economy in Guilin, Guilin, private enterprises have become an important force for economic and social development, private enterprises accounted for 90% of the city's business.The event object is a legitimate business in Guilin, the main income of five million to 200 million yuan of private small and medium enterprises and small and micro enterprises.

Activity Award category into two categories: one category is the most promising companies in Guilin: Requires main income in more than 20 million, 200 million yuan less than private SMEs.Investigation focuses on the pace of development, the development potential; another one is the most innovative features of Guilin Enterprises: Requires main income of 500 million or more, less than 20 million yuan of private small and micro enterprises.Investigation focuses on the development potential, heavier examine innovation capabilities and features.

Assessment activities recommended flexible way, by the county (district) Federation recommended; also by Guilin entrepreneur associations, chambers of commerce, social celebrities, financial institutions, the media, the public, etc. recommended; companies can self-recommending.Organizers published under the grid, or recommend people visit our selection of activities is the official website of Guilin life network, fill sites "looking for the most promising companies in Guilin recommended to declare the table" and submitted directly through the network (specified mailbox: glrb2013 @ 163. com).Meanwhile, the candidate objects need to submit a 1000 word about their selection of text material, all recommended materials sent to this event unified the specified mailbox; or mailed Guilin Daily Planning Division (Organizing Committee Office Address: Guangxi Guilin Rong HubeiRoad, Guilin Daily floor planning department; Zip Code: 541001).

Activities through the initial evaluation and the public voting, voting experts and several other links, the last named "Guilin most promising enterprises," 10, "the most development potential of Guilin enterprise" Finalist Award 10 and "most innovative GuilinFeatures enterprises "10," Guilin's most innovative features enterprise "Special 10.Guilin bank credit conditions will meet the winners credit and loan signing ceremony was held, signing up to $ 30 million corporate credit loans.